1st Poetry Winners

2006 Chocolate River Association Annual Poetry Contest

1st Flat Signed Poetry Competition Winners:

*Blind Judging by CPA Members in good standing.

*Monies raised contribute towards the awards and the publication of the next Anthology.

Winning Poems will be listed here shortly.

Winning Poems:

1st Place: Moonbeams by Trish Shields, BC

2nd Place: Guardians by Katie Marshall Flaherty, ON

3rd Place: Raven’s Cry by D. Allard, NB

Honourable Mentions:

1- Shelling by Katie Marshall Flaherty, ON

2- As Time Goes By by Irene Edstrom, ON

3- Missing by Heather Angka, NS

4- Looking To The Future by Trish Shields, BC

5- Crack by Katie Marshall Flaherty, ON

6- We Are Gems by Jean Kay, BC

7- No Way Out by Karen Chapman, NB

8- Ghost Ships by D. Allard, NB

9- Chasing Zoë by Katie Marshall Flaherty, ON

10- Chilean Dream by D. Allard

CRPA Flat Signed Poetry Competition 1st and 2nd cash prize winner’s cheques will be mailed out with the next issue of Poemata. Third prize is a CPA membership for 2008. All winning poems will be in the next issue of Poemata, CPA website and of course Chocolate River Poetry Association website and blog. All HM’s winner’s names and poem titles will be listed as well.

We at CRPA wish to thank everyone for making this 1st Flat Signed poetry competition such a success. We will be holding another this year – same open theme and fee! The deadline is January 30th 2008. All contest details are on this website. This contest is open to the public!

Again thank you for your participation in the CRPA!


Donna Allard

Chocolate River Association

Email chocolateriver@live.com

Website/Blog https://crpa.wordpress.com

*NOTE please read — FAQ: Information on awards.


Chocolate River Poetry Association


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