Posted by: crpa | August 17, 2006


Dear Poets for Peace activists,

Poets for Peace has been invited to take part in the Gandhi Peace Festival as well as in Mac Peace Week.

Like last year, these events start during the final week of September and go into early October.

We should discuss what Poets for Peace might contribute. Last year we took part in the Gandhi Festival as well as having poetry and a short essay in the peace festival¹s annual publication. But we might want to do more this year.

I suggest that we discuss matters by e-mail and have an actual meeting of Poets for Peace members in the Hamilton area. Given that this whole thing happens in 5 or 6 weeks, I think we should move with some haste.

One problem we should consider is the apparent split that has developed in the Hamilton-area peace movement between Jews and non-Jews. I was out of town when this started and what I know comes from the dubious source of The Hamilton Spectator. We as peace activists need, I feel, to try to heal whatever split along religious lines may exist.

So let the e-mails flow. And Hamilton-area poets should meet in about ten days.


. . . James

Poets for Peace


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