Posted by: crpa | November 23, 2006

Chocolate River 1st Annual Poetry Contest

Chocolate River Poetry Association


1st Annual Poetry Contest


Submission Deadline: December 31, 2006 —-

3 cash prizes, 1st 2nd & 3rd (amount dependent upon quantity of submissions) with up to 10 honourable mentions. Winners & HM will be listed on the website and in the Canadian Poetry Association National Magazine POEMATA under the Moncton Chapter (CRPA) of the CPA! Great visibility! Send your 5 poems today!

RULES-must be followed for qualification. Open To Public. Any number of poems. Open theme.

Submission Fee: $25.00 for ( 5 ) poems

We will not accept $5 for 1 poem, submission fee’s non-fundable; Blind Judging. Maximum 50 lines (per poem) including stanzas, single spaced, font size 12 pt. font style Times New Roman (no fancy fonts please).

Snail mail submissions only. Will not accept email submissions.

Send three (3) copies of each entry. One of three copies of each poem entered must have your name on the back of the first page. Please type your name, address, phone and email address. If your name is missing or illegible your submission will be disqualified.

No SASE’s should be sent, work will not be returned. Sorry, late submissions and NSF cheques (disqualify entry). No copies of poetry will be returned so make sure you have a copy of your work.

Publishing of Prizes: All 3 cash winners will be published in the CRPA Blog and on the website. Also mentioned in the Canadian Poetry Association (CPA) magazine POEMATA. The CRPA is an associate member of the CPA.

Authors retain copyright.

Poetry Submission and Fee’s can be mailed to:

Chocolate River Poetry Association
Poetry Contest

2669 Main Street
Hillsborough, New Brunswick, Canada E4H 2X1

Cell: (506) 871-1004 Brian Stevens MSN MESSENGER acadian rose
Visit our website: Http://


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