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Blue Ashes by Jean-Paul Daoust

 © Mario SAVOY

Jean-Paul Daoust
Photograph: © Mario SAVOY

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Biographical note:

(Valleyfield, on January 30, 1946 -) Poet and novelist, Jean-Paul Daoust holds a licence (1970) and a control in letters (1974) of the University of Montreal. He is a professor at the French department of Cégep Édouard-Montpetit since 1974. He collaborated in several reviews of which Hobo-Quebec, APLF, Jeu, Spirale, Lèvres urban, Jungle (France), SCRAP and Rampike (Toronto), as in Estuaire of which he is a director. Jean-Paul Daoust read out his poem to several places and in certain festivals, of which Place at the poets, the Night of poetry, the Festival “Off-side” with the Museum of contemporary art, the international Festival of poetry of Three-Rivers, and also at the time of various demonstrations out of Quebec, in particular in Toronto, Moncton and in France. He moreover collaborated in the organization of several poetic events.

Jean-Paul Daoust obtained, in 1990, the literary Price of the Governor general of Canada for blue Ashes and was finalist of the Price of the Council of arts and the letters of Quebec in 1998. He is member of the Union of the écrivaines and the Québécois writers.

Katia Stockman


Blue Ashes

  • Subtitle: Selected Poems 1982-1998
  • Author:  Jean-Paul Daoust
  • Publisher:  Independent Pub Group
  • ISBN:  9781550710939
  • Format:  Paperback
  • MSRP:  $13.00
  • Version:  1999

Though these poems were first published in French, their provenance is primarily downtown Manhattan, especially the coffee bars and gay clubs of Greenwich Village and Soho. The poet is French-Canadian, and this volume won him the Governor General’ Award for poetry in 1990.


Blue Ashes
Selected Poems: 1982–1998

Jean-Paul Daoust (Author)

“Few taboos are left to incorporate into the literature of the gay world. Nearly everything has been said, sensationalized, exploited, done and redone, sometimes well, sometimes self-indulgently. But one taboo, sex between adults and children, has received little attention from serious writers for a very good reason: most people, gay or otherwise, find it morally repugnant. Incredibly, Jean-Paul Daoust has turned a relationship of this kind into hypnotic poetry. The book is unique in its sensitivity to a universe of forbidden love and sex between a man in his early twenties and a boy of six and a half years. The boy’s age is used like a leitmotif, recurring on nearly every page of the poem, as though to remind the reader of how unique the experience is, whether between straight persons or gay. Because of the critical age difference between manhood and childhood, it is not ‘just another love story.’ It is an epic melodrama of passion, love, betrayal and cruelty that is related here in obsessive, often hallucinatory poetry, but more importantly, it is all seen through the eyes of a child who is not only a victim as we might readily suppose, but an aggressor as well. Gay literature will never be the same after this book” – Daniel Sloate.



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