Posted by: crpa | February 9, 2008

Raindance Canada Independent Filmmaking

Hi, My name is Anthony Young and I live in Toronto. I posted something of interest to your members. I hope you don’t mind. I am sure they will appreciate you giving them the heads up to the free events we have coming up this year.Even though these events are free they need to register. This is due to the prestige and popularity of our events.

Also it will great if you can post a link on your site. I will do the same with mine, so we can collaborate with each other. We can also coordinate to bring some of our events to your city if you can get enough people to hist it. I will help you out.

This is what I posted on your site. Feel free to make changes.

We are bringing Richard Vogler and Gordy Hoffman for free lectures to Toronto.
We have a free lecture soon at Ryerson University with Chris Thomas “The 99 Minute Film Directing School”.

Also free admission to members of this group to our “Live!Ammunition! Pitching Panel and Competition in April.
Please notify all your members.
To register for free and be notify of these free events send an e-mail with your name to membership@raindancecanada

Join us on facebook at Raindance Canada Independent Filmmaking at

or visit us on line at

Let me know if you are interested. I also added you as a friend.


Anthony Young



  1. i am a storyteller/screenplay-wright,a musician,actor and a filmmaker as well and i like your site and activities.i am from ghana and would like to be a member of your association. i am the C.E.O. and creative director of my company TRAMMEDIA GLOBAL MISSION. We do all kinds of multimedia works so i would like to collaborate with you guys if possible to produce films, documentaries and/or music from Ghana…my name is DAVID AZALU..TEL..00233-243573411/00233-279310356..hopping to hear from you soon….

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