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The Emerging Arts Professional Network is looking for writers and podcasters to contribute to site and interview senior arts professionals in your community.

Writers send us a proposal, finished pieces or contribute something new on any topic that relates to your career, arts management, well run arts orgs, marketing, whatever! (750 words or less)

Want to meet established members of the arts community and interview them for our Mentor of the Month Podcast? Contact us if you’re interested or have someone specific you’d like to interview and we’ll set you up with what you need to make this happen.

We welcome submissions from all arts professionals whether you are a seasoned or first time writer, emerging or established arts professional. If you have an opinion or ideas to share, we want to hear from you!

Submissions and information contact us at
Include your name, city, occupation, and email address.


  1. i want to be amemember

  2. Hello smile,

    If you wish to be a member of Chocolate River go to and join today. If you wish to submit your work to the above request please email them at:

    thank you..

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