Posted by: crpa | April 8, 2008

List of Mass Graves at Residential Schools to be Issued this Thursday, April 10

List of Mass Graves at Residential Schools to be Issued this Thursday, April 10

Monday, April 7, 2008 – 12:30 pm, PST


A comprehensive list of mass graves of children at dozens of former Indian Residential Schools across Canada will be released to the media and the public this Thursday, April 10 at 12 noon at a special ceremony at the Indian Affairs office at 1138 Melville street in downtown Vancouver.

At the same event, an independent, non-governmental inquiry into crimes in Indian residential schools will be formally launched by aboriginal elders, including Squamish Hereditary Chief Kiapilano and Chief Red Jacket.

The event is sponsored by The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (FRD).

PS. By Tony

Very proud of this man Kevin Annett.. in the darkest hours when the Church and State came after him and used all methods to silence him and when almost everybody turned his back on him… he stood his ground.
I can hear him whispering back then “If I perish I perish”. Now it’s easy for him and I know why… once you lose everything and you have nothing more to lose, fear loses its power over you… you know from there on that even if you perish you have won.

I remember once that the “men in black” asked me to withdraw my documentary. I replied “now you must kill me because there is no other way to stop me”. From there on it was easy, very easy… they can kill children and they can kill the messengers BUT THEY CANNOT KILL THE TRUTH!

Chomsky said he deserves a Nobel Prize… I believe to call him Eagle Strong Voice is the greatest reward he can ever receive as he became rightfully a father not only to the Native People but also to all of us that seek righteousness in all the battlefields in the world that truth is trembled upon.

With these few words I express my deep and unconditional support and friendship to my brother Eagle Strong Voice and promise to support with all my heart all his efforts to bring about awareness concerning the Residential Schools and the over 50.000 Native children that died there. We must never forget that it was from the shores of Europe that the settlers first arrived in the Americas, and when we say White Americans we mean our European ancestors. I hope Europe will soon lift her eyes towards the truth she is neglecting.

Svnoyi Wohali (Night Eagle)

For more information:
FRD spokesperson Rev. Kevin Annett
pager: 1-888-265-1007



  1. Well done Kevin and good luck.

    Ron Payne
    Welfare Legal
    Hamilton, Ontario

  2. Hi, Kevin is on Facebook. To contact him go to and join!

    Donna Allard
    CPA Prez

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