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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy

For information or interview requests, contact:
Justyn Perry, Marketing Manager
Tel: 403-254-0160

Clan of the Dung Sniffers Available April 15

Calgary, AB – April 15, 2008 – Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy announces Clan of the Dung Sniffers, by Lee Danielle Hubbard released to major retail bookstores such as Chapters, Barnes &,, and directly from the publisher:

“My life is a grand, multicoloured web of events and interests. The upcoming publication of my first novel constitutes the brightest strands of the web.” Taking her art and history studies at the University of Victoria with fervour, author Lee Danielle rises with the sun every day, takes an hour-long run or swim and gets right down to writing while most people are just getting their morning coffee.

Hubbard hasn’t taken her literature exploits with any less passion, with poetry appearing in many literary magazines, including Event and the Claremont Review.

From the back of the book:

“Wounds of the body heal swiftly in comparison to those of the mind.”

In a beehive of rebellion and misinterpretation eight young men are thrown together by an unlikely accident.

To survive, they move quickly to form a secret brotherhood, dubbed by one of the more cynical members as the Clan of the Dung-Sniffers.

Their sole mission: repair and return the damaged Radiance to its former glory.

But before they can do this they must survive unexpected challenges, brutal lies and the self-doubts that call into question everything they’ve come to know and expect from their society.

If they do not move quickly, their own beehive of prejudice and fear will devour them all.

Author Tour Dates:
May 2, at 7:30pm, Black Stilt Coffee House, Victoria, BC
May 3, at 1:00pm, The Sentry Box, Calgary, AB
May 6, at 5:30pm, McNally Robinson, Stephen Avenue, Calgary, AB
May 16-19, KeyCon 25, CANVENTION 28, Winnipeg, MB
May 23, at 1:00pm, Indigo Park Royal, 900 Park Royal S. West Vancouver, BC
May 24, at 1:00pm, Chapters, Metrotown Eaton Center, Burnaby, BC
May 24, Black Bond Books. Vancouver, BC

Clan of the Dung Sniffers: ISBN-13: 978-1-894063-05-0, Price: $19.95 US, Pages: 320

Justyn Perry, Marketing Manager
Box 1714, Calgary, AB, T2P 2L7, Canada
403-254-0160 (voice) / 403-254-0456 (fax)

EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Tesseract Books
Dragon Moon Press
2007 Releases (Spring):
Hydrogen Steel by K. A. Bedford (March 2007)
i-Robot Poetry by Jason Christie (April 2007)
Tesseracts Ten edited by Edo van Belkom and Robert Charles Wilson (May 2007)
Righteous Anger by Lynda Williams (June 2007)
Operation Immortal Servitude (Book 1) by Tony Ruggiero (February 2007)
Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy, The: Volume 3 – The Author’s Grimoire
edited by Valerie Griswold-Ford & Lai Zhao
Too Many Princes by Deby Fredericks
Small Magics by Erik Buchanan
Alien Revelation by Tony Ruggiero

2007 Releases (Fall):
As Fate Decrees by Denysé Bridger (August 2007)
Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction, The:
Volume 1 – First Contact edited by Dave A. Law and Darin Park September 2007)
Longevity Thesis by Jennifer Rahn (September 2007)
Keeper’s Child by Leslie Davis (October 2007)
Darkness of the God by Amber Hayward (October 2007)
Virtual Evil (Time Rovers Book Two) by Jana Oliver (October 2007)
Tesseracts Eleven edited by Cory Doctorow & Holly Phillips (November 2007)
Darwin’s Paradox by Nina Munteanu (November 2007)

2008 Releases (Spring):
JEMMA 7729 by Phoebe Wray (February 2008)
Sword Master by Selina Rosen (February 2008)
Lachli by Margaret Bonham (March 2008)
Clan of the Dung-Sniffers by Lee Danielle Hubbard (April 2008)
Operation Immortal Servitude: Save the Innocent (Book 2) by Tony Ruggiero (April 2008)
The Hounds of Ash and other Tales of Fool Wolf by Greg Keyes (May 2008)
Firestorm of Dragons edited by Michelle Acker and Kirk Dougal (May 2008)


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