Posted by: crpa | May 11, 2008

“Princess Nut” CD launch celebration!AURAL Heather’s Vancouver debut

“Princess Nut” CD launch celebration!

. . . and AURAL Heather’s Vancouver debut

Media Club, 695 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Thursday, May 29

8 PM

Please join us for an evening of stellar music and spoken word with special guests Kate Newman, Susan Cormier, Beth Southwell and her band, Tony Bardach, Kedrick James and emcee Kyle Hawke.

AURAL Heather is Heather Haley, Roderick Shoolbraid and ³a unique, sublime fusion of song and spoken word.² Shoolbraid is a dazzling guitarist, composer, sound designer and DJ. Old school and proud of it, Haley is a maverick poet, singer, author and media artist often found pushing boundaries and always on the vanguard. ³A Canadian national treasure,² Haley started writing verse in high school influenced by poets like bp Nichol, ee cummings and Susan Musgrave.

Her life as a bona fide artist began on the stage of the infamous Smilin¹ Buddha fronting the all-girl punk band the Zellots. She was a member of the 45s with Randy Rampage and Brad Kent of DOA and the Avengers. Later she formed HHZ‹Heather Haley & the Zellots‹praised by LA Weekly music critic Craig Lee as one of the city’s ³Ten Great Bands.”

Haley is a gutsy and compelling performer who enjoyed a stint as an official BC Transit busker and has appeared at the Burning Word Festival, the Vancouver International Writers Festival, Crush Champagne Lounge, the Lamplighter Pub, Rime, Thundering Word Heard, the Art Bar in Toronto, Words & Music in Montreal, the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City, Red Sky Poetry Theatre in Seattle, Shakespeare & Sons in Prague, the Roar Lit Crawl with Edmonton¹s Raving Poets band and on CBC and Book Television.

In 2004, she teamed up with Shoolbraid to produce a series of live shows and their first cd, “Surfing Season.” As Haley returns to her roots, their sound has evolved into the spoken word songs of AURAL Heather. There is nothing precious or flowery about the poetry on ³Princess Nut.² It rocks, in more ways than one!

Tix ten $ available at Zulu Records and the door

Praise for Surfing Season: ³Beautiful. A credit to the genre.²-Ian Ferrier, Wired on Words ³Great job! An auspicious disc. One of the best albums of its kind.² ­Kurt Heintz, e-poets ³Important work.²­Poseybeat

Further information on AURAL Heather and Heather Haley is available through her website, as well as four tracks from “Princess Nut.”



€ ON PAPER: “Sideways” and the forthcoming “Window Seat”

€ ON DISC: “Princess Nut “ by AURAL Heather on RPW Records, launch May 29 @ the Media Club

€ ON SCREEN: videopoems “Dying for the Pleasure “and “Purple Lipstick

€ ON STAGE: “Unique, sublime fusion of song and spoken word.”-ZULA Presents


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