Posted by: crpa | August 20, 2008

2008 CBC Literary Awards competition is now open!

The 2008 CBC Literary Awards competition is now open! The deadline for submissions is November 1st, 2008. The Awards are Canada*s only literary competition celebrating original, unpublished works in both official languages. There are three categories: short story, poetry, and creative nonfiction, with cash prizes totaling $60,000, courtesy of the Canada Council for the Arts, publication in Air Canada*s enRoute magazine and visibility for the winners and their winning entries offered by CBC.
To find out how to enter, go to or call toll-free 1-877-888-6788 to request a printed brochure.

Sophie Cazenave,
Awards Administrator



  1. Caylee’s Gone

    Bad things still happen.
    the whole world knows it.
    The indignant outrageous…

    Yet so few people show it.
    Children are abused and sold everyday.
    From the backyard to the boardroom

    From the Internet…
    To the hotel room
    From the kitchen…

    To the bedroom
    Lucifer’s children at play.
    Wives are made servants little boys held captive…

    Dollars are exchanged
    Vengeance pitifully exacted…
    Psychological profile

    Deviant mind
    Betty Ford Treatment center
    Broken body…

    Penitence time.
    Our eyes remain open yet we still refuse to see
    Megan’s law more lip service

    child porn on dvds
    We advocate reforms and we wail with our hands.
    Walk right on by…

    Time is premium
    in demand.
    Yet let it creep closer

    Reach out. Grabbed you!
    The squeaks of the rusty wheel the cliché come true

    Let someone else suffer
    It’s all in Gods hands… neglect the safety of children
    Condone evil

    I have my own problems, why should I care… like those shoes that you’re wearing!
    Girl who does your hair?

    Little Jenny was molested…
    I hadn’t a clue
    He said that he loved me

    Government invasion
    Tell the truth!
    I‘ve got this new kid he’s barely been used…

    Just give me the money.
    I’ll give him to you.
    The past and the future all merged into now

    Slavery’s been abolished
    Someone tell the kids how?
    Oh yes we can hear them oh no not again

    If you don’t get involved…
    It’s just a question of when….
    The sickness will touch you it won’t be held down.

    The look on your face that dark sorrowful frown…
    Mommy that doesn’t feel good..
    Daddy make it go away

    Farewell little Caylee
    Judgements coming one day…
    Mozell Fleming

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