River Bones Press

River Bones Press will be publishing the 2006 Chocolate River Poetry Association Festival participating authors anthology held at Hopewell Cape/Fundy NB. The CRPA Flat Signed Competition winners and HM’s (HM’s names and poetry titles only) will be added to this anthology and a copy will be sent to 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners. The cover artist is poet Helen Bar-Lev from Israel with her drawing of the Fundy Rocks.


We at CRPA wish to thank everyone for making this 1st Flat Signed poetry competition such a success. We will be holding another this year – same open theme and fee! The deadline is December 31st 2007. All contest details are on the website

http://chocolateriverpoets.moonfruit.com. This contest is open to the public!


River Bones Press

Moncton NB



  1. I happened upon your page here and wonder how you went about selecting FlatSigned as the name of your contest?
    Tim Miller

  2. I was googling Steven King and found it, though it a great word for a contest. There is no conflict since we are from different countries. BTW you have a nice site…


  3. Hi Donna,

    I tried to send you a birthday card–it bounced!

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